Do you have hooded or Droopy eyes? Do you even know if you have hooded eyes? Yes/No/Confused? Watch my tutorial to find out and for all the Do’s and Don’t’s....


  1. Posted by raysamedina, — Reply

    Very good tips, tips that I've learned and mastered for a long time. I've been doing ALL her tips and ladies, they do work! One extra tip... put your eyeshadows with your eyes open and is very important to make a very thin eye-line 😉

  2. Posted by alphonseelricfr, — Reply

    Great tips!! It's good to be able to see what exactly I'm doing wrong. I can't wait to try out these techniques!

  3. Posted by delehla, — Reply

    The signs were confusing. The sign covering the bad side was actually referring to the opposite side.

  4. Posted by ablare, — Reply

    I actually like the don't side better :/

  5. Posted by alanaa29, — Reply

    This is not hooded eyes 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Posted by LynnStewCalhoun, — Reply

    Great video! EXTREMELY helpful and informative.

  7. Posted by cmello510, — Reply

    PRETTY 👍🏼♥️👏🏼 thank You For Sharing!! G-d♥️Bless 😊

  8. Posted by ka2321, — Reply

    doesn't look like hooded eyes

  9. Posted by christajsuarez6, — Reply

    Yes! Just what I need

  10. Posted by wjcik3604, — Reply

    both are so Ugly...

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